Cash services

Patients who are not covered by the above insurances can be seen as out of network and may pay out of pocket for your visits. You will be provided the proper paperwork to file a claim on your own ​with your insurance for direct reimbursement by your insurance carrier.

insurances accepted:

Dr. Keriotis is currently accepting new patients.  She is an in-network provider for Aetna, American Behavioral Health, and Behavioral Health Systems.  She will accept Blue Cross Blue Shield only as an OUT OF NETWORK provider.  She will continue to accept new patients based on standard fee rates.

Office Policies:

  • As we strive to keep and maintain an efficient practice, patients will be scheduled and seen at their designated appointment time.
  • Copayments, coinsurances and deductibles must be paid prior to the patient/family being seen as required by law. Unpaid fees will impede further scheduling of appointments.
  • Medication prescriptions and refills will be handled during office business hours only.
  • NO SHOW and LATE CANCELLATION FEES (less than 24 hours) for FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENTS will be subject to a $40 fine.
  • NO SHOW  and LATE CANCELLATION FEES (less than 24 hours) FOR INITIAL EVALUATION/INTAKES will be subject to a $60 fine.
  • Future appointments cannot be made until this fee is paid. This fee is NOT billable to your insurance.
  • Late arrivals by patients may be seen for the remainder of their assigned time and will be billed accordingly.
  • Custody/Divorce papers are required to insure custodial rights of each parent are respected and obeyed. Please insure these are available for new patient evaluations.
  • Emergency  calls requiring physician intervention will be handled with no fees to the patient/family.
  • Non-emergency after working hours telephone consults of more than 10-15 minutes will be subject to fees not billable to health insurance and must be paid by parent/legal guardian.
  • A patient's safety and well being are of utmost priority and concern. It is always advisable to proceed to the nearest Emergency Room if a situation is emergent and needs immediate medical or clinical attention.
  • No email correspondence will be made to insure patient safety. Always call the clinic during business hours with questions or concerns.

Children First Psychiatry

Annie A. Keriotis, M.D.


Strict confidentiality of patient/family information will be enforced and maintained. No clinical information will be released unless a written consent form by the patient(if older than14 years of age) and parent/legal guardian is signed and witnessed in the office. If not witnessed in the office, a written consent form must be notarized with the original mailed to the practice.

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Fees and forms

Health Insurance does not reimburse nor cover for the time involved for the completion of various forms. The following fees must be paid before completion of the form begins:

  • Letters to school staff or school coordinators, $25.00
  • Completion of written forms, $25.00
  • Completion of FMLA, $15.00
  • Copies of Medical Records requested by parent/legal guardian